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A2Z Screening Ltd.

Taking stress out of Criminal Background and Police Checks 
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Customer Testimonials

Working for excellence as A2Z screening Team, we are very thankful for our loyal clients.  Our business is one of close relationships and we are very fortunate to be able to share so many positive experiences with our clients.  Your satisfaction is the ultimate reward for our work and it is why we strive to be Your solution providers, when it comes to criminal background checks !

Gurvinder Salh
Owner -Creative Kitchen Cabinets


" The service was quick and we were able to get results in no time, we will always recommend A2Z to our friends and family."

Harnek Singh
AVP- Combined Architects Inc.


" Quick, trouble free service, would recommend if you are someone like me who does not like driving to downtown, conveniently located. Keep up the good work; best of luck for future."

Lavi Gidwani
Partner -Trusted Accounting and Tax Services


" Way to go, Best of luck for your future plans, thanks for the timely services and help to clarify my doubts on various details pertaining to your services"

Vijay Punjabi
Partner -Trusted Accounting and Tax Services


" I think the Declaration services you offer, would be a life saver for lots and lots of people with minor charges, it would allow them to integrate in mainstream workforce and to regain employment as well"

Harjinder Singh " Harry"
Hope Financial Services Ltd.


" positive experience with A2Z, as an employer myself, i need to be very careful while selecting my employees, got results quickly , Original criminal check certificate was also handed over during my first visit itself "

Mukul Oberoi
Impressions Print and Sign


" Big advantage for getting the CPICS quickly, saves you lot of time and effort, conveniently located as well"

Pal Sukhinder
Director- JMVL Services Ltd.


" Very helpful for our business, we got all our potential employees pre-scanned and man o man found some hidden surprises, Thanks to A2Z team"

Roel Victoria

Client for CPIC

Very FAST and Very Quick service . . . very professional and accommodating 
Highly recommended to all . Thank you for the Excellent Job ! ! !